What is Bridging Finance?

Brook Finance is a leading arranger of bridging finance in Ireland. Often, Investors must act quickly in order to purchase or they run the risk of losing out. Bridging financing is a form of temporary short term financing until the moment when regular long-term financing is secured; such as a refinancing or sale of assets.  Thus, it is named as bridging financing, since it is like a bridge that connects a company to debt capital through short-term borrowings.  More often than not it can be quite difficult to access the funds needed in time, as conventional lenders will not provide the capital at such an early stage.

Why use Bridging Finance

Bridging loans are a short term solution that provides interim funding until an exit strategy (like a refinancing or a sale) can be executed.  Bridging Finance may facilitate the purchase of lands or existing properties so construction can begin immediately hence making it an attractive source of funding for investors and developers.  As stated above, conventional lenders may not lend at this early stage but once the purchase has been completed, refinancing at more appealing terms is a viable option.

Why Choose Brook Finance for a Bridging Loan in Ireland?

One of the biggest deciding factors why our clients choose Brook Finance as their source for Bridging Finance is due to how fast we act.  We have arranged funding for bridging finance within 48 hours from application to approval to final funding.

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